Lodge St Serf No 327 was founded on 2nd February 1829 in Kinross. Kinross-shire is a small country town measuring some 135 square miles and is built on the shores of Loch Leven. Loch Leven Castle is where May Queen of Scots was imprisoned in 1567 and from where she escaped in 1568. The M90 motorway which was opened in 1971, now bypasses the old county town, which has become a commuter town with excellent links to the whole of central Scotland.

The oldest minute book record which Lodge St Serf No 327 have is from the meeting held in the Upper Town Hall, High street, Kinross; held on Tuesday 2nd February 1926 when Master Brother James Steadman opened the meeting. Also present was, Past Master Brother RL Braid, Immediate Past Master Brother Archie Renton, Senior Warden Brother J Thompson, Junior Warden Brother P Lees, Secretary Brother William Wilson and Treasurer Brother A Templeman. Meetings were held on a fortnightly basis at 19:15pm.

At a special meeting held on Tuesday 1st June 1926, plans for the proposed new hall were exhibited on the table and inspected by the Bretheren. After a short discussion, the plans recommended by the building committee were chosen. The management and building committee met on Tuesday 10th August and the estimate for the proposed new hall was opened and considered. The following were recommended as contractors for the work in hand.

Building work– A & E Hutchinson & Son

Joiner work– W & R Philp

Plumber– Mr J Westwater

Plaster & Slater work– A &E Hutchinson

Brother Secretary was instructed to write to successful tradesman. Brother William Philp was appointed as Master of Works. In today’s money, it cost the grand sum of £1174.76 to build the current day hall. It cost almost double this amount in 1993 to replace the windows alone.